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Finding your perfect match of home/ pet sitter

One of the outstanding features of this site is the way that both the homeowners and the sitters have such great choice over with whom they choose to be matched. Both parties can include as much or as little information about themselves as they feel comfortable. We always say that the more information the better, particularly in the case of house and pet sitters who need to convince homeowners that they have the common sense and skills necessary to take good care of their homes and pets when necessary.

Information included will tend to be focused on past experiences and personal qualities that make people a suitable candidate. Some homeowners may require special skills of their sitters such as experience working with reptiles or horses. Some homeowners prefer individuals but others prefer families or older couples who can keep the home feeling well lived in. You may be surprised at the kind of people who have an interest in house sitting and members we currently have on this site is very diverse so you can be sure to find someone who is a good match to your home and your needs.

Use a House Sitter and Leave Your Pets in Their Natural Environment

There should be nothing more exciting and relaxing than the prospect of going on holiday but for pet owners there is always one nagging worry at the back of their mind; will our pets be okay. Unfortunately most animals hate being taken to the kennels where they are in unfamiliar surroundings with other dogs and cats that they don’t know and have limited space to run and play. The thought of having to put their beloved pets through this, whilst they go on holiday is somewhat distressing for many animal lovers.

The solution is simply and is one that is being used on an increasing basis; pet sitting. A trusted individual looking for some temporary free accommodation will come and stay in your house in exchange for taking care of the home and the pets whilst you are away. This way the cats, dogs and other animals don’t have to be moved or disturbed and are also to remain in the environment in which they are happy and comfortable. They are fed, walked, cuddles and generally taken care of so you no longer have to worry about kennel fees and the feeling of guilt for taking your pets away from their home.

What to Expect on Becoming a House Sitter

House sitting opens up a whole world of opportunities and you never know quite what to expect. Obviously on acceptance of a job you will have been provided with an overview of the service required relating to tasks around the home or the way in which pets need to be cared for. You will also know the location of the house so you can begin to plan what you would like to see or do in the city, particularly if it somewhere unfamiliar to you. Take advantage of your free accommodation in a new place by doing some exploring.

Sometimes when providing a service for the more well off home owners you may find yourself somewhere far more luxurious that you are used to, which is always a pleasant experience. For writers or individuals who work from home, house setting is a great way of letting some work done in a new and more stimulating environment than normal. Some people choose to become a house sitter on a part-time basis, as a form of vacation whilst others do it for long periods of time and integrate it into their travels or lifestyle.

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