Yoga teacher training Bali & Thailand


Yoga teacher training Bali & Thailand

The Application:


These courses fill up very quickly, so apply now in order to secure a spot.  The regular tuition for their certified training is US $2,950.  In order to receive their early bird special of US $2,500, you must registration  at least two months in advance.


Along with the early bird special, they award 15% scholarships for younger students under the age of 23 and for friends applying together. This will give you a tuition of only US $2,050!


The tuition prices include breakfast buffets during the 4 week course.  Residential options with on-site accommodations and full board can be arranged for very affordable rates.  Koh Phangan is in the Gulf of Thailand and has very affordable lodgings which is the ideal choice for those on a short budget.  The island of Bali offers a more luxurious stay and is more expensive.


Their Locations:


Both are located in two exquisite tropical islands in Southeast Asia in order to give you the most serene surroundings for Yoga Teacher Training.  Koh Phangan, Thailand and Bali, Indonesia offer lush jungle mountains, stunning waterfalls and a vast ocean with multicolored coral reefs.


Both locations offer a wonderful blend of friendly people and a growing international yoga community.  Their friendly culture and natural beauty combine perfectly with a well developed, modern foundation.  Both locations offer exotic aspects and deeply spiritual roots which have strong influences on locals lives.


Spending 4 weeks in these surroundings will create a transformation unto itself.  By stepping outside your normal environment will also help your overall growth.  Leave behind your own surroundings and belongings and dare to open up to so many possibilities.  Enter into this secure and safe place allowing yourself to be redefined.


Koh Phangan in Thailand is a well developed, small island in the Gulf of Thailand.  With lush vegetation, breathtaking waterfalls, a beautiful, tranquil ocean and a wonderful blend of Thai culture and international yoga community which adds to its unique, relaxed atmosphere.


Bali is located in Ubud which is the cultural hub of the island.  Its varied landscape with white and black sand beaches, fertile volcanic mountains, tropical vegetation and rich culture, makes this a very unique island.  The international surf and yoga community is well integrated into the local society of the Balinese people.


In Conclusion:


In Sanskrit, yoga is “Divine Union” and has been traced back to over 5,000 years in India.  Originally, this was a sacred  bond between a student and his teacher.  It is a lifestyle and science that lifts people to new levels and a life of well-being.


Thousands of people all over the world have discovered its purification abilities, while providing practitioners a clearer, calmer existence and better interaction with others. For those who have been practitioners for a while now, the Akasha Yoga Academy will give you further knowledge and clearer understanding in order to be a teacher of yoga for others.

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Yoga teacher training Bali & Thailand