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After a day on the beach, come ashore and rinse of the sand and saltwater, relax with Bocas del Toro’s striking sunset. Then get ready for the next experience, Bocas nightlife, but not before fueling up with a meal. Whatever you might like to eat, you can find it. You might want to visit one of the islands for a dinner cruise. Caranero island has many wonderful restaurants specializing in fresh seafood. In the town of Bastimentos, you can find Italian and authentic Carribean food. On Isla Colon, your choices are unlimited. Take a short ride to the beach and have a bite while listening to the waves break on the beach and the monkeys chatter to each other from the surrounding jungle, or take a stroll down the main street for Italian cafés, Sushi bars, steakhouses, French cuisine or Indian and Mexican fare. There are even vegetarian and vegan choices. Or eat as the locals eat, with authentic Panamanian dishes. In many places, you can enjoy local entertainment while you eat. Watch locals perform the most amazing island dances. If you’re feeling adventurous, let them teach you some steps. If your tastes tend to the more subdued, you can relax to the more sedate sounds of a small jazz group playing in an cozy location with a romantic candlelit backdrop. Or you can stick with comfortable familiarity and enjoy burgers and an open mic for some especially fun vacation stories of world travelers combining styles for the kind of music you won’t hear anywhere else. If you time your trip just right, your visit will coincide with one of the areas special events, and you might get to enjoy belly dancing, fashion shows, or release parties while you dine.
Once you’ve had a chance to recover and fuel up after the day’s adventures, you can wind down a little with some desert and a drink. Call on one of the famed bars for some wine or a martini. If you’re ready to take on the night, Bocas has any number of bars, clubs, and dance halls. Start with happy hour at a backpacking hostel. Then make your way to one of late night hot spots that about in Bocas. There are places for every musical preference, whether that is Techno, Reggae, or more local Bachata, Soca and Merengue Salsa. Can’t decide? Do a little barhopping and see them all. Enjoy something different every night, or make a night of it and go from one to the next until you just can’t do it any longer. The party goes on until you are ready for it to end.

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5 beaches of Bocas Del Toro that should not be missed

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The Archipelago of Bocas del Toro is located in the Caribbean Sea and is a part of Panama. The town and poplar tourist resort is found on Colon Island and the surrounding area is home to a number of stunning beaches and coastline. Everyone has his or her own favourites depending on what they expect from idyllic spots to incredible underwater spots. Bocos Condos Rentals offers some of the best value for money accommodation in the area and provides easy access to all of the best spots. Regardless of what you are looking for, here are five of the top beaches in Bocas del Toro that shouldn’t be missed.

1. Red Frog Beach, named for the strawberry poison dart frogs that inhabit the area and are not poisonous to humans, this area offers perfect postcard views.

2. Playa Bluff, although hard to reach, is worth the effort for an idyllic and private section of beach.

3. Bahia Sand Fly, for a beach close to and convenient to town, this one is the best choice.

4. Cayos Zapatillas, located in a preserved marine park, is a popular white sand beach with the best snorkelling around.

5. Boca Del Drago, on the other side of the island offers wonderfully calm and clear waters.

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