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Coworking Space Startbase Meran For All Your Business Needs

Startbase, located in Meran, provides office space, workstations, a full line of office equipment and super fast internet in a collaborative environment. You can purchase space for a day, week, or by the month to meet your needs. Our alternative office space is perfect for freelancers, startup companies, and company founders. Whether you need a large office space or a single desk, we have what you are looking for at a very reasonable price. You will have access to desks within a communal area shared by others. Share ideas, get valuable advice from like-minded people and connect with others.

Coworking Spaces And A Swimming Pool:

Startbase is an independent and dynamic community for startup companies and creative people in Meran. From New York to Tokyo and everything in between, there are co-working spaces springing up everywhere, but they do not have a swimming pool! Well, Startbase is going to celebrate this summer with their premiere opening of the first Coworking Lido in the entire world.

The pool is in a separate area for coworkers and is equipped with everything you need including work tables, electrical connections, and super-fast optic internet. When you are finished working for the day, take a dip in their pool to refresh your entire being.

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Our Press Conference:

The first coworking lido premiered in Schenna. The city councilor, the mayor, and the new IDM president were present at the presentation on May 12th.

Who Will Benefit From A Coworking Environment?

Anyone who has an idea but cannot figure out how to move forward or just starting a new business and need advice. Startbase is a great place to meet like-minded people to share ideas and collaborate, all in an open space.

If you are a company founder, join their community and events to meet other founders, get excellent feedback and get professional advice to build your network. You will be shoulder to shoulder, helping others out or when you need someone to grasp your ideas and find the perfect solution. This is the advantage of a collaborative open workspace shared by others. You will meet many entrepreneurs who are more than willing to help out and show you how to get your projects moving in the right direction.

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What They Have To Offer:

You will have access to excellent workspaces within their coworking facilities. Many young entrepreneurs and startup businesses are discovering this excellent community and perfect working environment that is enormously flexible. Startbase prides themselves on a sense of community by offering an excellent social environment for people working independently or with others. Open spaces will give you plenty of opportunities to collaborate, share ideas, and network.

The Benefits Of Coworking Spaces:

• Free to choose your workstations
• Have a dedicated coworking outdoor area
• Super-fast fiber optics with an internet rate of 50/50
• All offices are furnished and cable ready
• Enjoy a flexible, social and collaborative environment


Rent space as it works for you by the day, week or by the month.
Coworking day ticket for Lido + Coworking is 9,80 Euro
The Season subscription to Lido Schenna Saisonsabo + Coworking is 138 Euro

The Coworking Space Startbase Meran first opened in Untermais at the beginning of April through the efforts of the city. The IDM’s working group is planning to take their approach to many cities in South Tyrol.

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