Detox in Thailand

What is Detox?

Though you get vacations, your body will be always on duty without any relaxation. Detox is a way of providing a break to the digestive system so that the body can use that energy to cleanse, repair and rejuvenate the digestive system. In this way you can lead a better life both physically and emotionally. Detox nurtures the space where you can express the sensibilities.
Before participating in a detox it is very important to prepare yourself both physically and mentally about the procedure. We recommend you to pay attention to your body and decide what detox options you can take. We are always here to provide guidance on your journey of detox but ultimately it is you who has to follow it and maintain the discipline of diet and lifestyle after the detox is completed. We can provide the enough tools that are required for starting detox.

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The things you do after and before detox are also important. It is also essential to start the detox process smoothly and break it smoothly as well. When your body enters into a resting period, you can help it and obviously help yourself.

Head to the ‘land of smiles’ for the best possible health and detox retreat experience. There are various Detox retreats to choose from such as Ananda Resort

Thailand is a popular country in general and a great tourist destination for a number of reasons. It is known as the Land of Smiles due to the fact that the local people are always incredible friendly and happy to help with a smile on their face.

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Most of the time they just want to practice their English skills or touch your beautiful pure white skin. It is their welcoming attitude that helps people to fall in love with the country and begin planning for their return trip before they have even got back home.

Health and detox retreats in Thailand are some of the best in the world, with professional and fully qualified staff and trainers as well as comfortable accommodation with beautiful sea or jungle views. They are also very affordable in comparison to similar experiences in Western countries and you will get great value for money. The friendly staff will be happy to help you in anyway and answer your questions. Take the opportunity to learn a little about the Thai culture at the same time and try to pick up a few basic words in the local language to really put a smile on your new Thai friends faces.

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Koh Phangan and why it’s a place for wellness


Koh Phangan offers a great deal for each one of the visitors to the island from water sports to beautiful coastal walks and ancient sites. One of the most attractive and alluring qualities of the island is that despite being an increasingly popular tourist attraction, it has managed to retain much of its original natural beauty and charm. This incredible beauty is one of the characteristics that make the island such a perfect setting for promoting wellness and healthy lifestyle. The ocean breeze is fresh and fills your lungs with clean oxygen, whilst the views are wondrous and the sounds of the jungle and the ocean waves are meditative.


Visitors to the island are beginning to take advantage of these incredible qualities and retreats such as Ananda Wellness Resort make it even easier. This particular place offers a range of programs that incorporate healthy eating, yoga and detox and provide guidance and support so that guests can focus on improving the health of their mind, body and life in general in a safe surrounding.  Practising yoga on the beach and watching the sun set each evening from your private bungalow makes Koh Phangan the ideal setting for such an experience.

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