Healing Koh Phangan

Healing Koh Phangan, Thailand – Shakti Cabral

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Shakti Cabral is a therapist, humanitarian, and living library therapist who has helped transform people through healing for many years. She originally worked in the corporate world before moving to Glastonbury opening her transformation healing retreat. She has extensive knowledge and experience teaching Hatha Yoga & Five Elements Qigong internationally. Afterward, she decided to focus on the re-alignment of Earth, Soul, Spirit, and Humanity.

Shakti was a resident healer at the Amchara Detox and Fasting Retreat in the United Kingdom, In 2016, she was a healer on the BBC television show "The Retreat with Nick Knowles". She treated and transformed energy to both the cast and crew.

healing koh phangan thailand

As of date, she is now living in Koh Phangan, Thailand giving private healing sessions and teachings. She also provides sessions to clients worldwide on Skype. She also teaches one-on-one sessions in Inter-Dimensional Healing and New Earth transitions.

Her goal is to help people connect with their souls and to reach their full potential. Through healing and supporting transformation in others, she has continually developed her amazing skills. Her extensive knowledge came from facing her own challenges, working through her own pain, and developing a strong understanding of healing. She has developed a daily practice by integrating various approaches that have resulted in intense levels of harmony, peace, alignment, and an inner balance.

Possibly you have spent a great deal of time working on your own spiritual development, growth, and healing but you still feel there are important aspects missing in your life. During one of these sessions, you will experience your own transformation through guidance and support. Through passion and understanding, this retreat will help you discover the core of your problems and circumstances. You will discover solutions that will surface in a very natural way. Their goal is to enrich and empower you to reach your full potential.

healing koh phangan

Shakti knows that everyone has their own Living Library which is known as the Akashic Records. You will gain access to your living library in order to reach your full potential by transcending from the confinements of your third-dimensional perspective of life. Shakti will teach you how to access your library and discover a completely new perspective on your life.

The mysteries surrounding your life will become so much clearer while finding what your specific areas of learning and understanding are. Currently located in Koh Phangan Thailand, Shakti will offer you incredible healing sessions either through her Skype sessions or you are very welcome to visit her in Thailand!

Healing Koh Phangan