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health retreat thailand
KohPhangan Health Retreats
We are a all-natural health & healing facility in KohPhangan, Thailand dedicated to enabling men and women begin a life of bodily, psychological and mental transformation using natural and long-lasting methods.
We take advantage of the practical experience of Yoga Therapy and modern medicine to produce the scenery for self-healing. This integrated approach results in improved physical health and fitness.
Our programs are designed for a variety of health problems and can be conveniently utilized on and suitable for people living a modern pattern of life.

Our trained specialists make use of a variety of modalities to treat the desires of the clients. Recommendations are provided with the aim of integrating the mind-body connection. Substantial evidences have shown that our technique is both natural & effective.
Wednesday workshops explore a variety of insightful topics and health issues in greater perspective. Learning in a group environment is a pleasurable process to share experience and expand individual knowledge. The workshops combine theory and practical together.
Our specialized yoga training sessions will take you on a journey into the application of yoga across numerous areas of health. All of them are classes that are suitable for novices as well as experienced professionals. Both group and personal yoga training sessions are present.
The AYTT is a 450-hour coaching session led by Western-trained Healthcare practitioner, MahaAnanda. The training course integrates perspectives from the health sector, conventional medicine & Yoga for tackling the full spectrum of the human being.
The Agama Healing Center offers annual Retreats developed on a variety of health-based together with restorative topics. All our retreats include some theory, practical tools as well as a therapeutic yoga practice to complement the knowledge. More advisable is to simply treat it as a Retreat, which means staying in Silence as much as you can in your environment.
A potent integration of traditional Yoga and antiquated Thai massage, which depends on an awareness of the platform of Nadi-s or energy channels in the individual. Using the art of touch to circulate prana via the Nadi system, this treatment will improve the vibrancy of your energy for significantly larger well-being and vigor.
REIKI Healing – KohPhangan, Thailand
Reiki is a mild vibrational healing therapy which activates the natural healing response of the body via deep pleasure and the channeling of vitality.
As Reiki guides a person in direction of more significant equilibrium on all levels it can benefit absolutely everyone who obtains a treatment. If you are nervous you’ll experience serenity; if you’re worn out you’ll appear energized with vigor and vitality; rather than feeling being stressed out you’ll discover clearness and refreshed objective
Balancing your system can assist you to cope with several health issues
You will receive Reiki lying down, fully clothed, while the practitioner positions hand gently on or just above your body in a varying series of hand placements. Reiki is a receiver-driven technique. The practitioner simply facilitates the movement of pranic energy dependent upon the natural feedback of the recipient.
health retreat Koh Phangan, Thailand