How this site connects homeowners to house and pet sitters

We are able to quickly and securely connect homeowner to house and pet sitters through both parties becoming a member. At this stage, homeowners are able to post listing containing the details pertaining to the assignment. This includes the dates that a house sitter is required any tasks they will be required to carry out such as chores around the house or caring for pets and the rough location of the assignment. Only once contact has been established do we release addresses to the house sitter who has been chosen by the owner.

House sitters are generally chosen by homeowners but can also browse through the listing that have been posted. This allows them to contact the homeowners, saying they are interested in the assignment and available over the right dates and encourage the owner to review their profile. Decisions are generally based on the house sitter profile so we advise you to include as much relevant experience and references as possible. Once you begin to receive assignments, positive reviews and increased experience will make it easier and easier to find good assignments.

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