How is a house sitter preferable to a tenant?

A fairly common question that we receive is this one wondering why house owners don’t opt for a tenant rather than a sitter when they are going to be away for an extended period of time. At first look it seems as though they’re bringing in a paying tenant is by far the better option, primarily for the financial gains that are to be had. However, when you give it some further thought there are many reasons that would make a house sitter by far the preferable option.

It is true that a tenant comes with a financial advantage over a house sitter who in most cases will stay in the home for free. However, unlike a tenant who is effectively thinking of the place as his or her own, a house sitter is there to ensure that everything is kept in order and fully taken care on behalf of you, the owner. Having a tenant often incurs numerous unforeseen costs and there is always the chance that you will return your home to find your place in a complete mess. Furthermore a house sitter will take on tasks that are required of them such as watering the plants, feeding the cat and forwarding on mail, which cannot be asked of a tenant.

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