Can house sitters take on assignments anywhere?

The beauty of this site is that we are able to connect house and pet sitters with homeowners from all over the world. If you have the time, the means and the desire then why not take on a house sitting assignment located in a brand new city of even country. Our members are located in some of the biggest and best cities in the world as well as some more remote towns and villages where you can really get to know the local area and culture.

We do not limited or place restrictions relating to the locations of the house sitting assignments and in fact we want t encourage and help people to see the world through providing such opportunities. The only thing we ask is to ensure that all paperwork and necessary arrangements have been made and confirmed before agreeing to any assignments. This helps to prevent cancellations and disappointment to the homeowners. This means things such as visas, flights, work permits and any other necessary arrangements. This could involve some degree of research to ensure that you know exactly what each country requires.

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