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House sitting is becoming increasingly popular in the Uk as many House owners like to take a break overseas for a few weeks at a time. If you are a House owner and need a trustworthy person or couple to look after your home and pets if you have any then Register with us.

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Why a Home Owner Should Use a Pet Sitter

A pet sitter is someone who comes into your home whilst you go on holiday or away on business and takes care of your pets whilst they are in their natural and happy environment. The primary benefit and the one that attracts most pet owners to the idea of pet sitters is that they don’t have to be taken to the kennels. No one likes the thought of having to take their pets out of the home and to an unfamiliar place where there is no guarantee of the kind of love and attention that they will receive.

A pet sitter eliminates that worry when you go away as they are animal friendly people who in most cases have or have had pets of their own. For many there is nothing like the love of a pet and caring for friendly cat or dog can almost be therapeutic. Your pets become their top priority so you can ensure they are getting out for plenty of walks and exercise, being fed regularly and are being spoilt with loads of hugs and kisses. Furthermore the service is provided for free in exchange for staying in your home so there are significant financial savings to be made.

Who is the typical person that becomes a house sitter?

There are no restrictions or prejudices when it comes to house sitting and it’s hard to describe the ‘typical’ house sitter. Once age group however that are emerging as being ideal for the assignments and fond of the idea of taking advantage of the opportunities are retired couples and individuals. It is the perfect chance for such people to do some travelling and spend time in different cities and away from home. As they are retired they have no work commitments keeping them at home and usually no children that have to be taken care of and sent to school. In most cases older people are a popular choice when it comes to homeowners deciding who they want to take care of their home.

Other kinds of people that often become members include those who work for themselves and can work on the move such as writers and designers. These people may just be looking for a change of scenery or for a chance to see something different whilst they work. Students on gap years or people simply taking a break from work also make great house sitters as they have very few time restrictions. We also have families who are looking for a home that they can take care of whilst taking a family trip. Anyone can become a member and you may be surprised just how diverse and great the calibre of people looking to become house sitters really is.

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