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Pet Sitting Sydney Discover Australia through House Sitting and Pet Sitting

Australia is a huge landmass with a rich culture and an abundance of places worth discovering and exploring. It is a popular country with just about everyone from nature lovers, to sports fanatics and those simply looking for some sun, sea and sand. Travelling around Australia is an activity on most people to do list regardless of their nationality and House and Pet Sitting offers a great way to see the country without breaking the bank.

It essentially involves you taking care of someone house or pets free of charge but in exchange you get to stay in their property whilst you are doing so. Both short and long-term opportunities are available for dog and pet sitters, and for many it is the ideal way to spend time getting to know new towns and cities through the eyes (or windows) of a resident. Of course once your basic duties around the house such as feeding the cat or picking up the mail are complete you are free to get out and explore. Sydney makes the ideal base or place to start, as there is so much to see and do in this culturally vibrant city. From there the opportunities are endless and who knows where your next pet or house sitting assignment may take you.

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