House Sitting

House Sitting

house sitting

The Technicalities of House Sitting Abroad

House sitting is a phenomenon that presents great opportunities. For many it is a chance to see some new and unfamiliar towns and cities of their country but for others the temptation is to head further afield and search for opportunities abroad. This can be very exciting and sounds like the ideal chance to travel and explore the world without having to pay for accommodation along the way. This is certainly one of the greatest benefits of house sitting but once you begin to consider doing it abroad there are some technical issues that will have to be dealt with mainly relating to visas and work permits.

Visa can be easy or very difficult to obtain and this usually depends on your country of origin and the country into which you are trying to enter. Either way before you agree to any house sitting assignment make sure that you have looked into the necessary requirements to be permitted entry into that particular country. House sitting is usually unpaid so a work permit shouldn’t be necessary but even so it is worth checking what rules if any the country has regarding unpaid work of this nature.

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