How and insurance policies affected by house sitters?

One of the most common concerns that are raised when it comes to house sitting is that of insurance and the way insurance companies react to the activities relating to house sitting. Of course every company and policy will be slightly different but in most cases insurance companies react very positively to the idea of house sitters. It make sense really as having someone taking care of the home is much preferable than leaving it empty for a number of weeks or months, which leaves it vulnerable to burglars. As soon as someone is in the home turning lights on and off, opening and closing windows and picking up the mail, the home becomes a great deal safer.

Another example of why insurance companies prefer house sitters is in the case that you live in a very cold country or somewhere that experiences very cold winters. In these conditions there is a high risk of burst pipes from freezing so once again it is preferable in the eyes of the insurers to have someone in the home keeping everything ticking over. We always suggest checking your own personal home insurance policy to gain an understanding of the details that apply to you and your situation.

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