Koh Phangan Villas

Bay residence -Koh Phangan Villas
Since 2008 when bay residence became a reality, many other villas have been built. Each team member of the engineering crew bring something new to the table, and that is why there has been a unique construction track record.

 koh phangan villas
The auction of Koh Phangan Villas is made public to allow competitive prices. This kind gesture is to avail the general public the opportunity to partake in the sales. The payment for each purchased comes in phases according to the construction milestone.
It is time you get exposed to the beauty of Southern Thailand. The history and culture of Thailand are exciting and filled with lovely sights to behold such as:
the white sandy beaches.
National parks and spectacular natural waterfalls,
the 40 islands of Angthong marine park which is the site for the best scuba diving and snorkeling in Asia as a whole.
There is a part of the Thailand life’s philosophy Sannok which stands for life should be fun and enjoyable, you should be part of this. Be part of this beautiful and memorable tradition/lifestyle in Thailand.
The Gulf of Thailand, within 15kilometers from the Koh Samui, houses the Island with untapped potentials, awaiting development.
The mystical Island of Koh Phangan often known as the “The Royal Stream” by King Rama V has made a name for itself as a quality brand and spot for relaxation.

The island is one of the few islands that has its natural feel, sense of real Island and the rich Thailand history and culture.

Haad Salad is very close to the attraction sites like Wangsai waterfall and Koh Ma Marine Park and just 10 minutes drive from the central port town of Thong Sala.
Filled with soft white sands mostly surrounded by coral reefs, coconut trees, tropical fish mixed with beautiful colors of the rainbow. This feature makes Haad Salad a perfect spot for Snorkelling in the whole Asia. Least I forget crystal clear waters are also present.
Sunset is a beautiful sight to behold especially at night when the local long-tail boats are illuminated under the moon.
The beach houses few handful of charming beach bars and bars dotted along the beachfront, suitable for family and friend hangout. It is placed to relax, sip some champagne and have some good time with your loved ones.
To crown it all, cafes, bars and restaurant are situated in a village very close to the location of the beach.
The tropical designs that the bay villas Koh in Thailand is unique, with high doors and ceiling. They are covered with terraces, outdoor living, and dining areas. Each stretches up to 200 to 360sqm; precisely what is required for a luxurious indoor and outdoor activities.
The center of each villa is so spacious and open plan living area where dining room, kitchen and lounge form one integrated space for entertaining or relaxing. Spacious bedrooms are the best, since they encourage proper ventilation and free circulation of air.
Undoubtedly you will have the best time of your life. Luxurious and well-detailed bedrooms and bedroom are generously portioned. The materials are well explicitly selected made for your comfort and luxury.
Your Luxury and comfort is here.
koh phangan villas