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Three excellent options for building a Villa on your land in Koh Phangan

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Dream homes and Villas are not always easy to find and one way around this problem is to find some suitable land and build your home from scratch. This might sound like drastic action at first but so long as you have the necessary support and advice in place, it can be a straightforward and thoroughly enjoyable experience. Koh Phangan is currently a very popular option for holiday homes and Villas but many people are now even packing up their old lives and heading to the island to create their new permanent home here. It’s an excellent idea if you can find the property you desire but buying land for construction is another very plausible option. Phangan Island Property is the ideal company to help with the purchase and also support your construction. There are the three best methods when it comes to your big build.

1. Turn-key

With Phangan Island property you choose the design that meets your need and have it built on your land.

2. Bespoke design and build

For your own bespoke design you work alongside the designer making your own changes and adding your individuality to the plans.

3. Self-build

Hire your own designers and builders to create a design that was all your own. Phangan Island Properties can offer advice and suggestions for architects and project managers.

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