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Pure Gain – Acupuncture, Massage & Float tank therapy Brisbane
Pure Gain is term that best describes the summation of what our treatments offer to people. We ensure that your health condition is back to the best possible level by keeping you fit, responsive, and disease-free. Massage and acupuncture have been around for thousands of years and the fact that they are still well sort after today shows how effective they are. We have offered both services for a while and more recently, we added a new technique known as Floating therapy. Floating therapy is effective and with the 25 years of experience we have in this industry, and with the reputation we have built for ourselves in that time, clients have seen that we take pride in helping people regain their body fitness and good health.


Acupuncture Brisbane
Acupuncture Advantages

We provide the gentle and very effective treatments with the aid of very fine needles. If you do not like needles, there’s nothing to worry about. We also make use of tools that do not pierce skin especially for kids so they don’t see it as a traumatic experience. Our methods can be easily adapted to different conditions. We make use of heat at specific acupuncture points to attain the required balance and health benefit. We also make use of cupping.
The proper regulation of the energetic circuitry of the body is what acupuncture focuses on. It is the responsibility of the acupuncturist to balance energetic disharmonies, release blockages, and affect the necessary levels – like the psycho-emotional, physiological and musculo-skeletal levels –

remedial massage brisbane
Massage Brisbane
We offer you over a decade of experience in sports, remedial, energetic and relaxation massage in Brisbane.
Rebecca, our amazing therapist is an expert who is capable of skillfully and sensitively getting you to release your body tightness without causing any stress to you in the process. We don’t have a one treatment-for-all approach. Every individual treatment is customized to the person. She will work with you to achieve the desired results.
Rebecca specializes in the process of relieving lower back pain, shoulder tension and neck tension. She also offers safe and effective treatment for pregnant women and with so many years of experience, Rebecca embraces the restorative potential inherent and invites you all to come have a taste of what it feels like.

Float tank Brisbane
What is floating?
Floating is the term used to describe the floating in 30cm of highly concentrated magnesium sulphate in a flotation tank, causing you to effortlessly float. A skin temperature of 34.5c is maintained in the tank and at this temperature; it becomes impossible to feel any sense of separation between the silky mineral bath around the skin and the skin itself. You can decide to have a gentle ambient music played while you float or you could decide to be in complete silence. You can also decide to have all lights off although you can turn them on and even leave them on at any time.
Acupuncture Specialist
David is an amazing acupuncturist recognized nationwide for his acupuncture and manual therapies which has been using to help people on their journeys to better health since the year 2000.

Massage Therapist
Rebecca has an undying passion for yoga practice, together with floating, acupuncture and massage and has mastered their healing capacity. She has been employing their healing capacity to treat people since 2004.

remedial massage & acupuncture brisbane