What makes this site the ideal place to bring pet sitters together with pet owners?

An increasing number of people are beginning to recognize the benefits that can be providing though pet sitting to both the pet owner and the sitter. Both parties get the chance to save some money and for the sitter it also provides a chance to see a new part of the country or even the world. The hard part in most cases however is finding a trustworthy house sitter available at the right time and in the right location and for pet sitters it is finding the opportunities. This site is the ideal place to bring the two parties together for a number of reasons.

First of we provide a safe and secure place where information can be shared within a community of member and contact details shared when necessary. Furthermore we are pet owners and lover ourselves so we know the importance of placing your beloved pets into good and reliable hands. We have gained experience as both pet owners and sitter so we know exactly what is expected and required by each party and we have created the perfect platform to ensure that the process satisfies everyone involved.

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