Pet Sitting

pet sittingIs it easy to become a member and begin pet sitting?

Becoming a member of this site and beginning to experience life as a pet sitter couldn’t be easier. The registration form is simple to understand and only required a few basic pieces of information. Once you are in it is a matter of creating your pet sitter profile, which will be visible to pet owners on the search for some reliable and trustworthy to take care of their pets. Use your profile to show off any experiences you have, particularly ones that involve caring for animals or failing that any that show you have some common sense and can be trusted. You can also include interests and the area in which you are looking for assignments. Updating your profile is easy and shouldn’t take up too much time at all.

Once you have done this, the length of time to receive an assignment can vary. However with increasing numbers of pet owners recognizing the benefits to them and beginning the search for pet sitters, you can be confident that it wont take too long. As your experience grows you will find that opportunities arise increasingly regularly as more and more homeowners begin to contact you.

When it comes to pet sitting should there be any financial payments?

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to pet sitting, as it is a form of exchange with flexible terms and conditions. We, as the middleman provide a safe platform where pet sitters can provide their information such as interests and experience and pet owners can choose members with whom they will feel comfortable entrusting their pets and home. Generally the sitter is not paid, as what they take away from the experience is free accommodation for a period of time as well as the joys of spending time around animals.

In some cases, particularly longer terms ones or special circumstances some form of payment may be negotiated. If the pets require special care or attention that could turn out to be particularly time consuming, some small financial gesture is bound to be appreciated as it limits the free-time available to the sitter outside of the hose. These are all things that can be discussed prior to choosing a sitter or accepting an assignment. It will of course be the responsibility of the pet owner to make sure enough pet food and essential items or alternatively some cash to purchase more during the time they are away.

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