Sea Dance Resort Koh Samui

Resort Koh Samui

The amazing Seadance Beach Resort in Koh Samui

You have to dance through all your ups and downs in life. Only when you get in sync with the rhythm of your life, you will be able to enjoy and start being passionate about your life. Sea Dance Beach Resort gets you passionate about your life where you can be yourself and stop worrying about everything else while expressing your intense passion on the tropical islands of Koh Samui, which are secluded and pristine.

The History

With the aura of the beautiful place Koh Samui is, Poy Boocham, a restaurant chain owner, decided to have his own tropical home in place so that it is a parallel to his cosmopolitan life in Dubai. Once he built it, he was highly inspired by the harmony of nature with the surroundings in this location and hence, decided to offer tourists with a getaway that people with modern lifestyles crave for! Poy had an excellent vision for the place and he along with his family and friends transformed the island to what is seen as today. As of now, Koh Samui boutique beach resort comprises of roof bungalows along with private pools and garden cottages that are located in Hanuman Bay, Bophut, which is considered to be one of the best locations in Koh Samui.

Wedding in Koh Samui, Thailand


Weddings in Seadance Resort are available for a highly competitive offer of 79.000 THB which includes floral arrangements, bamboo canopy, chairs, flower petals and flower display.

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Sea Almond Bar

If you are planning to chill out watching the sunset, you can unwind yourself at the Sea Almond Bar and can have an excellent time by ordering the sundowner specials that repeat weekly. Also, there is a beautiful lounge with comfortable seating for your guests, such as the beach chair where the sun kisses for the last time before setting for the day.


  1. Cooking Experience

Our Chef Navaphan makes use of home grown herbs and ingredients to cook tasty Thai dishes that you can relish in the authentic Thai cuisine that is available with us.


  1. Kayaking

One of the most exciting water sports on Koh Samui, you can explore the surrounding waters, island and coves; thereby having a beautiful scene.


  1. Shopping

You can shop for great regional stuff here. There is a wide range of merchandise available in the multiple boutiques available here. You can also bargain at the private stores and markets and get a good deal. However, you would not have much luck bargaining at fixed price supermarkets.


  1. Snorkeling

You can explore the underwater life of Koh Samui and aquatic freedom is at its best when you blend in with snorkeling and watch them in their habitat.


  1. Island Hopping

The Gulf of Thailand is home to multiple islands and you can enjoy the serenity in some of the secluded islands.


  1. Beach Dining

Koh Samui Seadance Beach Resort is a highly romantic venue for couples, where they can spend quality time dining in the beach.

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