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Sofia Sundari is a world-class tantra educator and coach. As an author, a Tantra coach, she organizes courses on the spirituality of womanliness. She also develops courses that teach people about tantric and Taoist sexuality. By so doing, Sofia makes it possible for people to develop their internal erotic autonomy and this serves as a doorway through which they align themselves with the divine.

My name is Sofia Sundari. I’d love to assist you to recognize the loveliness, influence, and incorruptibility of your erotic nature. It is my ambition to provide love. It is my passion and commitment to serve truth. All I want to do is to help you discover the power and true nature of genuine love.

What you get:
We provide some services including the following:
• Tantra trainings
• Retreats
• Women priestly training
• Yoni egg training and
• Tantric couple courses
All these causes can be accessed in both Bali and Ibiza.

Your spiritual and erotic self
You will get to know more about me but let us start by discovering who you are:
• You are a physically powerful and intelligent person. You are an influential, determined and joyful person. You enjoy inner peace. Yeah!

And maybe you are currently:

• Tired of all the limitations that are making it difficult for you to grow to your full potential; all the small compartments where you have been placed and is overpowering you and preventing you from freely distributing and sharing your natural endowment s with people all over the globe.

• You are awestruck by love and are passionate to experience love much more than on the physical level. You want your journey about love to take you away from the physical into the spiritual realm. You are convinced that love holds more for you and that you are yet to experience all that it has in stock for you. However, you are unaware of how to let yourself go-ahead and savor this magnificent experience of love.

• Or perhaps you are eager to feel self-assured about not letting anything limit your expression of love to people wherever you go. You desire to let go of the feeling that is holding you back. You want to stop concealing those inner feelings and confidently express the feelings of love you have within anywhere you go.

• You are convinced that your sexuality is sacred but has got not training about it and have never been opportune actually to experience it. You are usually ashamed and find it difficult to demonstrate your love to others as a sexual being completely. You believe that when you express your love to others liberally and without limitations, it can get dirty.

• You are willing to let loose your total sexual potential as you are prepared for the elation and liberation that comes from not limiting yourself while expressing your sexuality. You want to get your whole life empowered by love including your business, well-being, friendship or even your wealth and money.

• You are stressed up by work life, family life and looking after people without having enough time for yourself. Yes, this is you although you’d love to feel luminously energetic in every part of your body and each day of your life.

• You only hear of orgasm but have never experienced it. You no longer want to pretend over it. All you want is to witness the delight of accessing your full sexuality on a day to day basis.

• You have experienced orgasms on different occasions, but you desire to experience numerous and full bodied orgasms either all by yourself alone or with your spouse or partner.

Tantra Retreat Ibiza & Bali