How this site differs from traditional house sitting agencies

Although house sitting is only just beginning to really gain in popularity, there have been House Sitting Agencies that arrange such a service for a number of years. These agencies however charge incredibly hefty fees, which can vary greatly but will set you back a decent amount especially if you are away for any length of time. Of course the fees increase when you begin talking about extra duties such as pet sitting or keeping the garden maintained. This site provides a very comprehensive house and pet service without the huge price tag.

We do this through allowing house sitters to create their own profiles. We encourage the inclusion of a police check and references from previous jobs and house sitting assignments and homeowners have the freedom to look through this information for themselves so they know to exactly whom they are entrusting their home. In the case of traditional house sitting agencies you rarely have the luxury of choosing for yourself and will most of the time have no idea who will be taking care of your home until someone shows up on your front door.

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