Who Pays the Bills ?

The Home Owner or the House Sitter?

In many ways the business of house and pet sitting is an exchange of services. The house sitter isn’t normally paid for the services out right but in exchange they are able to use the home as their own for the period of time during which they are taking care of it. For individuals with a mind for travel or looking to explore and get to know a new city, town or even country, free accommodation is of huge value to them. One area that is sometimes somewhat grey and open for confusion is the matter of who pays for the bills such as the water and electricity.

Every house sitting opportunity is slightly different and the specific terms and conditions should be discussed and outlined between the homeowner and the sitter before and commitments are made. Generally speaking for the average and certainly for short term house sitting work, the owner would pay the bills just as though they were taking care of their pets and home themselves. For longer jobs it is occasionally shared or taken on by the sitter but this often depends on the number of chores or tasks around the house that the sitter is expected to carry out.

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