Yacht Charter in Mallorca

See the Mediterranean in style on a chartered boat

The Mediterranean is a beautiful part of the world and the Balearic Islands make a wonderful holiday destination. The hardest part is often choosing which island to go to in order to make the most of your valuable holiday time. There is the internationally renowned party island of Ibiza; the laid back setting of Menorca and numerous other Islands packed with natural beauty and serene atmospheres. The best part of chartering a boat around the Mediterranean is the opportunity to visit any if the islands that takes your fancy and you can lay back and enjoy the sun whilst being taken care of by a professional and experienced captain and crew.

Charter Mallorca

Spend time partying hard at some of Ibiza’s top clubbing spots and then sail around to another part of the island or to Menorca or Majorca for some chilled out culture and a completely different pace of life. In just one chartered boat vacation you will have a range of experiences and create some memories that you will never forget. Whether you are looking for a romantic yachting vacation for two or a family or group trip combining activities with luxury and everything in between, it is all available.

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