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Agama courses give full learning of a profound recondite arrangement of self-improvement made for the individuals who are really keen on spiritual development. Right now, our courses are set up in Thailand, Israel, India, Greece and Mexico. We are additionally identified with different centers and instructors worldwide that give comparable or parallel training. Because of the particular way of the teachings, our courses are isolated into back to back one-month pieces of study. The whole educational modules start with our great First Level Intensive Course.

This current apprentices’ course is an orderly way to deal with Yoga. It requires no readiness or past learning. The lessons begin with basic data and works out, and bit by bit proceed with more unpredictable and more grounded systems.

Joining in

A wonderful component of the Agama teachings is the patterned arrangement of courses. The teachings have been organized so that any understudy might join, for instance, the early on First Level Intensive Course whenever (this course is taught each month in Thailand), and proceed with his or her studies as circumstance permits. This course is particularly composed with the goal that newcomers can fit in at any stage, and it is conceivable to go along with it for shorter periods (for instance, on a week after week or consistent schedule), or to finish it in little segments, over longer timeframes.

The same course structure applies to the majority of our middle and propelled classes. We regularly hold the second and third levels of the course month to month, and moderate/propelled levels twice every year (check Calendar for complete course offerings). Understudies go along with us as their time and means permit, studying maybe two months with us over winter, then they come back to work in their nation of origin and plan to synchronize with progressive course levels amid the next year’s vacation. Along these lines, an understudy might advance through the educational modules helpfully and effortlessly.

Course supplements

Every class is joined by printed materials containing extensive data about the new procedures of the day and different other exclusive themes. Educators are constantly accessible to answer questions and to offer individual direction, guiding, and healing. Movies and documentaries on important points are demonstrated at whatever point conceivable, in the nighttimes after the lectures.


Every one of those effectively finishing the First Month Intensive Course is recompensed a Certificate. This happens amid an extraordinary graduation service and social night toward the end of every course. Endorsements are likewise granted to understudies who effectively pass different scarf degree examinations, given at occasional stages all through the educational programs to confirm advancement and competency with the course material and general profound advancement.

Higher level courses

While the First Level Intensive Course gives a profound comprehension of Yoga, it is still just a starter to what Yoga really is and what it can accomplish for you and whatever is left of the world. In this soul, Agama offers a course of college level quality, in which learning extends and the practice expands on itself as you advance on your spiritual journey.


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