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 Ageless Wisdom

Many of the concepts of ancient Indian and Tibetan spiritual teachings continue to resonate throughout the world today. Mindful exercises, such as meditation, yoga, and tantra, offer a fully immersive experience of these ancient teachings while maintaining a modern approach.

During these retreats, the spiritual dimensions of these exercises are the primary focus.

Our goal is to impact individuals by providing an atmosphere that mingles spirituality with physicality. In other words, we want to make these ancient teachings accessible to those who wish to offer a pure vibration and become fully aligned with the universe.

In the Western sense, yoga may simply be thought of as a type of physical exercise. However, its Eastern origins establish is as a way to achieve spiritual evolution.

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Somananda Yoga Retreats focus on acquainting participants with the spiritual energy that exists in Meditation, Yoga, and Higher Tantra practices. The main goal of the Yoga University is to equip individuals with everything they need to aid them in their spiritual journey, all while creating a routine that is conducive to this practice.

The retreat atmosphere is namely one where aspirations will be affirmed, and motivations renewed. The Yoga teachings are designed for the many different levels people are currently on, and include spiritual lectures, discussion groups, meditation assemblies, and other chances to aid spiritual evolution. This retreat focuses on helping individuals receive the answers they long for as they get in touch with their innermost being.

The Yoga University

No matter what level you are at, the Somananda Yoga Retreat will have something for you. All of our teachings complement one another, forming a unified whole. In summation, these teachings combine to create 24 Levels, effectively creating a full Yoga University.

Is Yoga a new experience for you?


If this is a completely new experience for you, you should not worry. We will have you begin at Module 1 of Yoga Level 1 so that you experience the full benefits of the program.

Agama Curriculum Compatibility

Perhaps these studies are not new to you, and you have already taken advantage of the Agama curriculum. If this is the case, you do not need to travel to their Thailand headquarters. In other words, you can continue your spiritual quest right here with these 1-week retreats, and continue to climb through higher levels of training. After  this, you are free to pursue any aspect of Agama studies or join us for an upcoming retreat so you can progress to a higher level.

If this is not your first time studying with us, and you have formerly participated in Bhairava Yoga, there is no need to start again. You can simply pick up where you formerly left off.

Tenets of the Yoga Retreat:

    • Ancient and authentic Yoga teachings that combine theory with practice for a total of 4-5 hours per day.
    • Group-centered meditation teachings and practice that include Tantric Vipassana (from Kashmiri Shaivism), for a total of about 2-3 hours a day.
    • Lively discussions and satsangs during the evening hours with Somananda.
    • Unique spiritual lectures with Somananda on specific spiritual topics, including:
      • Skillful Interactions – A Lesson in Outwitting Karma
      • Defying the Laws of Nature  – Truths and Myths on Levitation Practices
      • Communing with Source
      • The Psychic Component of Yoga – Lecture and Exercise
      • How to Live Joyously
      • Understanding Spiritual Tests and How to Pass Them
      • Are There Really Angels and Demons in the Traditional Sense? – Understanding Entities and Their Influence
      • Life After Death
  • Hidden Doors  – How to Alter Your Matrix

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